3 Things to Never Flush Down Your Drain | Drain Cleaning in Pompano Beach 

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There are a bunch of things your parents told you not to flush down the drain, but surely it can’t be that bad? Drain pipes are large and water can push this stuff through easily, right? Don’t be so sure. Avoid flushing these 3 common items in particular, or you’ll end up needing a drain cleaning in Pompano Beach. 

Egg shells 

egg shells drain cleaning

Due to how breakable egg shells are, you’d think they break apart easily when going down the drain. However, the sharp edges and inner lining of egg shells often lead to them getting caught in the bends of a drain pipe. All it takes is a piece or two of the egg shell to get caught, and then for subsequent food or anything to build up towards a clog. 


cooking grease drain cleaning

Grease seems fluid enough when it’s hot to drain right through your pipes. But, once it cools, it can stick to your pipes. Eventually this will build up enough to result in a clog when combined with other stuff being put down the drain. 


wipes drain cleaning

The most common cause of clogs that we come across on a daily basis is: wipes. Even the ones that say they are “flushable” are still often the cause of clogs. You are much better off simply throwing away any wipes or paper products that you have, rather than contributing to the buildup in your drains. While you may be able to plunge out the first clog or two, eventually there will be a build-up in your sewer drain, which will require a drain cleaning in Pompano Beach. 

Need a Drain Cleaning? 

If you find yourself with a clogged drain, and need a drain cleaning in Pompano Beach, John The Plumber is here to help. We’ll send one of our friendly and experienced technicians over to quickly fix your problem for you. Give us a call today!

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