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Things to Consider When Selecting a New Kitchen Faucet

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Your kitchen faucet is one of the most vital features in your kitchen as it’s used for cleaning, prepping food, sanitizing, and cooking. Surprising to some, your faucet is also one of the key features when it comes to your kitchen’s style and functionality.  

Choosing which fixture would be the best for your space can be intimidating, So, here are a few things to take into consideration when selecting your new centerpiece from our team at John the Plumber!  

Style & Design  

There’s no doubt that style is crucial to expressing yourself in the various rooms throughout your home. Think of your faucet as the centerpiece; it should accentuate the rest of your kitchen’s aesthetic as the most prominent feature.  

Here are a few of the most common faucet styles to choose from:  

  • Traditional: Perfect for mixing colors and textures and complementary to any elegant design. Also ideal for kitchens with warm wood tones, natural stone, and creamy whites. 
  • Modern: Usually a simple structure with subtle color pops and a bold aesthetic. A modern faucet is the best fit for clean, minimalist spaces with smooth, flat surfaces. 
  • Transitional: A great balance between modern and traditional styles. Unlike the modern style, it offers a more rounded and softer look without looking too traditional. 
  • Commercial: A commercial sink is perfect for the pro chefs out there! It’s in the same design family as modern but can work in other kitchens as well. Most easily recognized by its coiled spout!


Another important aspect of the design is the finish of the faucet. Matte black or gold will accent a modern aesthetic, while finishes like stainless steel are easier to clean and minimize fingerprints. 

Ready to give your kitchen that perfect faucet? Give our plumbing experts at John the Plumber a call! 954-781-4823 


We can all agree functionality is the most important factor when it comes to your kitchen faucet. Do you cook large meals on a daily or weekly basis? Do you find yourself overloaded with dishes in the sink? Take your lifestyle into consideration to decide what will be best for you. 

Here are some aspects to consider. 

Single or Dual Handle? 

Functionally, single-handle faucets are the easiest to use. The flow and temperature of the water can be adjusted and fine-tuned with one hand, perfect to use while cooking. 

On the other hand, a two-handle faucet is quite the statement piece. Especially as most households have a single-handle faucet, a two-handle faucet sticks out in the kitchen. If you do not need the extra functionality and are going for an industrial or more traditional look, a two-handle faucet might just be the perfect addition to your kitchen. 

 Faucet Height/Arc 

Aside from the style of your faucet, the height and arc of the faucet itself play a big part in both the look and the function of the sink. While the height of a faucet can dramatically change the look of a kitchen, it also allows for more maneuverability in the sink. Likewise, a faucet that has a tall arc is easier to maneuver large cookware under while washing dishes.  

We recommend opting for a low arc faucet if your sink is against a window or has a view you don’t want to obstruct. Aside from the view, it's just down to personal preference. 

 Sprayer Function  

The most useful of all features on a faucet has to be the sprayer function. With this, the head of the faucet can be pulled out and used as a handle with a hose. In some cases, there will be a separate spout for the spray function. This is an amazing feature that should always be a consideration when getting a new faucet, as it allows you to wash every corner of the sink and provides a more powerful flow of water. 

Installing the Perfect Faucet 

Now that you’ve picked the perfect faucet, it’s got to be installed! Although this isn’t the hardest project to DIY, it can be a little tricky! Depending on the intricacy of the faucet, installing some types could be a lot more work.  

Don’t stress, John the Plumber is here to help! Whether you need to swap out a faucet or add a brand new one to a newly renovated space, our team of experts can get it done! 

Make a statement in your kitchen with the help of John the Plumber! Schedule today; (954) 781-4823! 

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