Leak Inspections

No one likes a leak in their home. From the comedic classic of a leaky roof, to the downright annoying sound of a leaky faucet, leaks can be a big strain on your sanity, and the condition of your home.

While leaks seem small, as time goes on this extra moisture can cause mold growth, damaging your home and putting your health at risk. Not all leaks are visibile or audible either, oftentimes leaks remain unseen until they cause visible issues to a home.

Don’t stress! John The Plumber is here to help you and all the other members of our Pompano Beach Community! Give us a call today for a comprehensive leak inspection!

Causes of a Leak

There are many reasons a leak could be caused all over your home, from parts degrading, to unsuspected damage. Here are some of the reasons why your pipes or fixtures may be leaking.

  • Bad O-Ring 
  • Worn Out Cartridge 
  • Corroded Valve Seal 
  • Worn Out Washers 
  • Worn Out Seals 
  • Water Pressure Issues 
  • Loose Parts 
  • Broken Parts 

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